William H. Moody (1853-1917)

Born in Newbury, MA and educated at Phillips Academy and Harvard University, William Henry Moody served in all three branches of government during his turn-of-the-20th century career.

photo taken by author at Buttonwoods Museum

Timeline of Moody’s illustrious career:

  • 1878 – began his career as a lawyer in Haverhill
  • 1888 – his political career began when he was elected City Solicitor
  • 1890 – appointed U.S. attorney for Eastern Massachusetts
  • 1893 – served (unsuccessfully) as on the prosecuting attorneys on the Lizzie Borden murder trial
  • 1895 – Moody won the special election seat to the United States House of Representatives and was subsequently reelected three times
  • 1902 – resigned from the House of Representatives to take appointment as Secretary of the Navy
  • 1904 – appointed by Harvard classmate, President Teddy Roosevelt as U.S. Attorney General
  • 1906 – appointed by Pres. T. Roosevelt and confirmed by Senate to the U.S. Supreme Court as an Associate Justice
  • 1908 – health problem begin to plague Moody
  • 1910 – Moody retired from the Supreme Court to his home in Haverhill after four years of service
  • 1917 – on July 2nd, at the age of 63 William H. Moody died in his Haverhill home

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  1. svz@comcast.net says:

    Nice job with this Kaleigh. My only suggestion is that it might be more appropriate to say “appointed by Harvard classmate …” ~Art


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